Small School RPI

Results are collected daily from and If results are not correct, they may not have been uploaded to their source either timely or correctly.

Only games against other teams of the same division are included. For example if the St. Thomas Bobcats (NAIA) played against the Lynn Knights (NCAA DII) those results would not included for either school, nor are ties.

The tables should be automatically updated daily at approximately noon pacific time.

The links on this page bring results up in text files. To view them in HTML with quadrants and season results bar, use the menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

The text results do include a listing of who is not included and the number of games they have played against the division at the bottom of each of the tables.

Click on the division to open the text based listings in a new window, or use the menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen:

  • NAIA ⚾ (Baseball)
  • NAIA 🥎 (Softball)



Rating percentage index (RPI) – The current and commonly used formula for determining the RPI of a team at any given time is as follows: RPI = (WP * 0.25) + (OWP * 0.50) + (OOWP * 0.25)

Where WP is Winning Percentage, OWP is Opponents’ Winning Percentage and OOWP is Opponents’ Opponents’ Winning Percentage.

The WP is calculated by taking a team’s wins divided by the number of games it has played (i.e. wins plus losses).
Strength of Schedule (SOS) –  The SOS is where OR is the opponents’ record, while OOR is the opponents’ opponents record.
Quadrants – The number of total teams in each division is simply divided by four. Q1 are the top 25% of teams, and Q4 is the last 25%.