In order to continue to provide the most complete and comprehensive preseason prophesying and weekly analysis please complete the following form. Completion should only take a few short minutes and the responses help tremendously in understanding and evaluating teams for the upcoming season.

The following two tables (should) contain a listing of position players and pitchers who were on your club last season. Please indicate which players will not be back on the field in 2020 by placing an “X” in the leading “2020” column next to their name. In the last column you have the ability to make additional notes and comments regarding any of the players.

To add or remove an “X” or comment, simply double click in the corresponding column, make the change, then then click out of the column. Following each modification there will be a brief pause (about a second) while the information updates.


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The following section allow for the conveyance of additional information regarding your team’s prospects for the 2020 season. Information regarding impact players added to the roster, as well as All American candidates and professional prospects, are especially helpful.