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RPI is calculated by using 25 percent of the team’s winning percentage; 50 percent of its opponents’ average winning percentage; and 25 percent of its opponents’ opponents’ average winning percentage. A team with a record of 8-0, opponents’ winning percentage of .600 and opponents’ opponents’ winning percentage of .450 would have an RPI of 0.6625. That would read: (1.000 x 0.25) + (0.600 x 0.50) + (0.450 x 0.25) or 0.2500 + 0.3000 + 0.1125= 0.6625. 

Only games against other teams of the same division are included. For example, the Iowa played Coe (DIII) on March 7th. Those results are not included.

Ties are not included in computations.


  • Quadrant 1: Games vs. RPI teams ranked in the top 77.
  • Quadrant 2: Games vs. RPI 78-152
  • Quadrant 3: Games vs. RPI 153-228
  • Quadrant 4: Games vs. RPI 228-305

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